Fear or Courage… Which One?

As I sat in my daughters swim class the other day, I realized not only that these moments are so fleeting but that these children also hold so much courage.  They are faced with the unknown as they come into the class for the first time, and then they meet someone new that they must trust their lives with. Yet despite the newness, they are excited to learn and ready to grow.  They are open to new possibility.

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-images-young-girl-dives-image23040554They have fear in their hearts as they are forced out of their comfort zone time and time again.  Never-the-less, they jump into the water just out of reach of their swim coach. They take big breaths of air so they can slip under the water and come shooting up blowing bubbles.  They float on their backs with fear, yet trust in their hearts.  They demonstrate great courage in the presence of fear and the unknown.  And, they peer out into the crowd for approval and support from loved ones.

What may seem like such a small moment to some and unnoticeable by others… I remain captivated in this present moment of observation.  This idea of having courage in the midst of the unknown.  This ability to put aside fear and look at something new as an adventure.  It’s a beautiful challenge that we seem to loose as we get older.  Less and less do we allow ourselves to be forced out of our own comfort zone and made to grow.  To have routine, to know our perceivable outcomes, to have a plan, to have lists and to succumb to responsibility and expectation… that is our new comfort zone.  One piece usually remains though.  We still peer out among the crowd looking for support, resonance, love and approval.

We want so much to have new outcomes, yet our actions do not match.  We “think” we want something new, yet our fears cloud our thoughts and keep us stuck.  We’ve lost the courage to go out and try something that goes against what others have come to expect of us.  There is fear in the unknown.  Despite our pain, disappointment  and frustration in where we might be, we still choose to remain in the comfort of what we know.  Through action and choice we remain unchanged, we remain unchallenged, and we loose the chance at new adventures and possibilities.

Do you see yourself in this?  Do you find ourself saying things that keep you small and unfulfilled.  Do you feel stuck and unable to see newness as an adventure or a growth opportunity that could bring you great joy?  Are you ready to grow but don’t know how to get started?  If so, I would love to invite you to download my new training workbook:  “6 Steps to Clearing the Blocks to Wildly Loving Your Life”.  This training will show you step by step how to create a new vision of your life, how to clear the unconscious blocks that keep you living in self-doubt, unworthiness, and fear, and how to start attracting the life that you love.

I’ve worked with over 45 individuals one-on-one around self-growth, awareness, visioning, and manifestation in just this last year.  This 6 step process is a vital tool that I’ve used in my work with my clients.

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